So you’ve got a new pawed member of the family!

A new someone to love and spend many hours with. But how to prepare for the homecoming?

Getting started with a new puppy

A simple checklist of the things that you will need to get you started on a path of bliss, love and happiness.

  • A leash and collar with identification
  • A car harness or travel crate for transportation
  • Somewhere to sleep – this may be a kennel, crate or dog bed
  • Separate bowls for food and water
  • Dog food and treats, stored tightly and securely
  • Water
  • A good dog brush, comb, nail clippers, puppy shampoo etc.
  • Toys to cuddle up to, interact with, amuse and engage
  • Teething products, be that chews, specialist toys etc to keep them amused during teething time
  • Pick up bags and bag holder
  • A quality groomer Link to Puppy Intro Program
  • A trustworthy veterinarian
  • And lots of love!

Also worth consideration

Once you’ve got the above sorted out, the following could really save you some stress when it comes to some of the finer points.

  • A play pen to contain your puppy
  • Portable drinking bowl
  • Furniture covers to protect your upholstery
  • Dog toothbrush and toothpaste or teeth cleaning products
  • Puppy pads and deodorisers
  • Clothing and weather protection for the appropriate season
  • Socialisation for your puppy (after vaccinations are complete) Link to puppy school