Murphy’s Paw uses hydrobaths to clean your dog the way hand washing alone can’t – the spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin, so not only is it the most effective way of washing your dog but also provides a therapeutic water massage. This helps with blood circulation, relieves tired muscles and has been found to be beneficial for arthritis sufferers and older dogs.

Your total bathing service includes the following elements:

  • Warm, fresh water bathing or a hydrobath, using a range of relevant salon-grade shampoos to gently remove dirt, dead skin cells and embedded matter, leaving the hair “squeaky clean”. This is followed by conditioner to condition your dog’s coat.
  • Gentle hand-drying and a brush out to remove dead hair and produce an excellent end result.
  • Nails trimmed and ears cleaned with a final brush-out for a stylish finish.
  • Sensitive shampoos and conditioners, medicated treatments or flea wash products are available as part of your bathing process. Use of these specialist shampoos will incur an added fee.