A bath, dry and brush out is followed by your choice of:

Face, feet and tail tidy groom

A grooming clean up of the areas that matter: tidy up of the head, clipping the feet and close attention paid to the hygiene areas and tail. This is ideally the “in between” groom that maintains your dog’s coat in the optimal style.

Full groom

Before the bath, a pre-clip and brush will optimise the washing process. After the bathing, a breed-specific clip to industry standards, or the finish you are looking for, will be delivered using a variety of techniques. Hand scissoring features strongly at Murphy’s Paw as this assures the finesse that you are looking for.

You can choose your style, for example practical “easy to care for” finishes to make care of your dog’s style easier between salon visits. All grooming requirements are discussed with our experienced staff, and Murphy’s Paw will do all that is possible to deliver to your requirements. Bring a photo of the style you want and discuss it with us.

Specialist styling groom

Creating a one-off style to make your dog truly stand out in a crowd. Whether it is a special occasion, a need to be different or just because … bring a photo, an idea or your wish and together, let’s create novelty cuts that create a buzz.

Nail Trimming

When only nails need clipping, just drop in … it only takes 5-10 minutes to trim your dog’s nails and appointments are NOT NECESSARY.
Nail clipping is a standard service included with any bathing or grooming service.

For more information, please contact Murphy’s Paw on 03 9646 5150