Simply ask about Teeth cleaning, massage, toe nail polish or ear cleaning.

On request, and as an addition to your service, staff will do Anal glands, Flea rinses or include Specialist ribbons or bows. Simply talk to us about your specific needs…

Just get in touch to see how we can help with whatever your little friend may need.

Canine dental health – without anaesthetics

Murphy’s Paw can help you stay on top of dental problems with your dog

FACT: Estimates suggest by the time your dog is three years old, 80% have oral disease.

No longer do you have to sedate your dog to clean their teeth!  Canine Dental Hygiene Services regularly service your best friend at the salon … offering anaesthetic-free, professional cleaning of your dog’s teeth.
Canine Dental Hygiene Services do what is best for your dog’s teeth.

The anesthesia-free teeth cleaning minimise the risk associated with sedation and save time, money and provide holistic care.

The full dental scale and polish of your dog’s teeth is a relaxing procedure for your dog, using techniques that even the most anxious dogs willing comply with.

With years of experience in the field, you know your dog is safe and in good hands.