Puppy introductory program

A puppy needs to be introduced to grooming early to make sure they become familiar with being handled. In the longer term, this eliminates the difficult and stressful experience of a dog being frightened or anxious when it’s time to visit a grooming salon.

The Murphy’s Paw Puppy Introduction Program has been designed to gently introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds and smells of the dog grooming salon. It is a gentle, three step program, designed to take the stress out of the grooming experience for your pup and create a life long positive experience. You can start ten days after your pup’s final vaccination.

  • Visit 1: Your puppy will receive a bath, full brush out and a nail clip. In addition, one of an eye trim, hygiene clip or bottom trim may be done to introduce a puppy to being groomed. This is recommended for puppies to 3 months
  • Visit 2: During this visit, your puppy will receive a bath and tidy up of the face, feet and hygiene area. Nails will be trimmed, too. It is suggest that this occur within 2-4 weeks of Visit 1 and is recommended for puppies to 4 months
  • Visit 3: Now it is time for a full groom. This includes the bath and full style clip. This stage should take place within 4-6 weeks of Visit 2 and is recommended for puppies to 6 months

A tip to owners: Your puppy grooming programs starts at home – handling your puppy is the first step to the familiarisation program and a wonderful means of forming close relationships while giving positive reinforcements.

You should take every opportunity to brush or comb your pup, regularly play with their paws, ears and tail.