A little care, a lot of love

When it comes to all aspects of caring for your dog, from grooming, finding the right foods, training to rewards, think about how to make it all an enjoyable and positive experience. The more you look forward to it, whatever the task, the more your dog will – and they easier it will all become.

Groom your dog:

Regular brushing and combing between salon visits is an important aspect of maintaining a well-groomed dog and it builds a stronger relationship between dog and owner! It also gives you the opportunity to examine your dog for any health concerns such as hot spots, fleas or ticks.

Brushing removes any matting, burrs or grass seeds and distributes natural oils through the coat, promoting healthy skin. There are some very simple steps to caring for your dog. Some dogs need more brushing than others. Some dogs need brushing once a day, while others may need brushing only once every two weeks. Bath them when necessary using dog-specific shampoos.

And establish a regular grooming routine early to make grooming an enjoyable activity.

To have your dog groomed professionally, please see our Dog Grooming Services.

Microchip your dog

A microchip contains information about the dog and its owner, including the address and phone number … perfect if your dog gets away from you. A vet will insert a microchip under the dog’s skin and registers the information on a national database. No, it does not hurt your dog.

Feeding your dog

Like people, dogs need food too. You will need pet bowls – one for food and one for water – and pet food. Do not overfeed your dog – follow the guidelines for feeding for both Puppy and Adult dogs and feed according to the size of your dog.
Puppies may need a little more food, but overfeeding without exercise will result in overweight dogs.

What not to feed

Understand that certain foods may hurt your dogs, for example:

  • Chocolate and coffee contains caffeine that makes your dog’s heart beat too fast
  • Cooked bones can splinter when chewed by your dog.
  • Grapes and raisins contain unknown toxin that may damage the kidneys,
  • Onions and garlic in any format, can cause anemia and damage red blood cells,
  • Fresh corn may block your dog’s intestine,
  • Fruits with seeds, e.g. plums, peaches, apples, may obstruct the intestines,
  • Alcohol or food containing alcohol can cause diarrhea, breathing difficulty, vomitting,
  • Large amounts of salt lead to dehydration,
  • Old or mouldy foods contain bacteria and toxins

Health of your dog

Keep your dogs worming and vaccination regime up to date and treat for fleas preventatively or at the very first sign of flea activity. Also consider the dental hygiene of your dog. Visit your vet regularly for check ups.

Basic training

Teach your basic manners by getting them to sit before feeding them. Once they have sat for, say, five seconds, give them the food. Keep them sitting while the food is being put on the ground and say okay before they are allowed to eat the food.

Exercise your dog

Dogs enjoy being outside to explore new smells, new sights and simply to walk. Set yourself up by getting a lead and some “pick up” bags. Have identification tags on your dog’s collar and protect your dog from cars, bikes etc. At night, consider a night light on your dog’s collar.

Play with your dog

Dogs enjoy the interaction of you playing with it – throw a ball, play tug-of-war or simply interact with a soft toy. Do not use items like shoes as a toy.

House train your dog

A dog that is not house trained will do its business all over your house! To prevent this, simply teach your dog not to go in the house.

Housing your dog.

Have appropriate shelter from the elements if your dog is outside. Have a safe and secure place for them to sleep in at night.

Reward your dog

Reward them when they obey your command. Stroke them, say “good dog” or use small treats, but remember not to over-feed.

Pay attention to your dog

If your dog suddenly start whining, stops eating or shows “strange behaviour”, take them to the vet.

Love your dog

Dogs will love you forever if you treat them correctly. NEVER hit or taunt your dog or abuse them in any way. Don’t yell at your dog after the deed is over and done – they don’t understand what they are being yelled at for. When you punish your dog, do it immediately, without any waiting.